art painting supplies

for watercolor

  • These are the art painting supplies I use for my watercolor paintings.
  • I use these supplies both in my own work and on my how-to painting pages.

watercolor art painting supplies

I normally use Winsor Newton paints for my watercolor paintings.

i also use Winsor Newton paint for my 'oil' paintings.

There a quite a few of other reputable brands of watercolor paints. Take your pick and choose what you desire.

A set of the basic colors holds down the inventory and the cost. Additional colors may be mixed from the basic colors.

I use watercolor tube paints in the studio.

However the pan watercolors are great for travel and painting out-of-doors.

The art painting supplies for watercolor painting by artist Carol MayWatercolor painting - White-earred Hummingbird

winsor newton

daniel smith

m graham paint

holbein paint

Palette with lid

my watercolor story

When I first started doing watercolor painting I used Arches watercolor paper. Arches is the standard paper for watercolor with an excellent reputation. There are other good watercolor papers, also.

I matted and framed my own paintings and prints under glass.

i started doing street festivals

When my paintings started running out of my extra bedroom I stared doing outdoor street festivals.

disaster struck

At an outdoor festival on the Gulf Coast of Florida the winds started gusting up to 60 MPH. Some of the other artist's tents on the end of the row blew down.

Fortunately our tent was sandwiched tightly between other tents. But we became afraid to allow customers into the tent.

If the tent went down with people inside, there was a chance they could be injured by broken glass.

watercolor paper

There is another down-side of watercolor on paper. If any moisture gets behind the glass onto the paper, the paper maybe water stained or grow mildew. The painting could be permanently damaged.

i had to find another way

After we came home from the festival, I came across Ampersand's Claybord. It is a hardboard covered with PH neutral kaolin clay. It makes an excellent archival support.

When the painting is thoroughly dry, I apply 2-3 coats of a UV resistant fixative. I use a Krylon spray fixative. The painting may be framed without glass. It is lighter weight and resistant to dirt, moisture and mildew. And it may be framed and displayed without any glass.

I have been using Claybord for about 15 years and I am very pleased with it. Ampersand also has Aquabord. An alternative is watercolor canvas.

Claybord is smoother than aquabord

has texture like cold-pressed paper

300# paper no stretching required

watercolor canvas colors lift easily

spray for canvas, claybord & aquabord

watercolor brushes

When I started painting with watercolor, I went all out and purchased expensive sable watercolor brushes.

Today there are so many good quality synthetic brushes that work just fine.

If you are starting out, start with three brushes. Choose any brand you desire.

Work with them awhile to see how you like them. Then decide if you want or need any more.

You could start with a 3/4" or 1" flat to use for painting and doing washes. Get a #7 or #8 round with a very good point to use for general painting. Also get an additional small round #3 or #4 to use for details. An angle brush is handy for doing straight edges, like the corners on a building.

a nice set of watercolor brushes

HB pencils to use on painting surface

masking fluid (Frisket) to preserve whites

graphite transfer paper - erasable

get your art painting supplies on hand

These are the art painting supplies I have used over the years.

I have always lived in small town areas that generally don't have good art supply stores.

I have shopped out of catalogues and had my supplies shipped for many years.

Now-a-days we shop on line. How handy is that!

art painting supplies for watercolor

  • Choose your own brand of artist paint.
  • Use your choice of watercolor paper, watercolor canvas or Aquabord.
  • Three brushes are plenty to get started.
  • Use a covered palette to keep your paints fresh.
  • You will need some drawing materials and graphite transfer paper.
  • Frisket is optional; you may use it to preserve the white of watercolor paper.

You will also need water in a container and rags or paper towels for clean-up.

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