Beautiful artist paintings come out of the heart and imagination of the artist

What makes beautiful artist paintings? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There are a lot of different reasons for artists painting.

so why do artists paint?

  • One of the first reasons artists paint is to share with others.
  • We want to share the things around us.
  • Sometimes we paint to record history.
  • We practice painting to hone our skills.
  • Or we may paint for experimentation and try new things.
  • Most of all we paint for the sheer joy of painting!

sharing with others

  • Sharing my love of color
  • Color is fun! It is one of the joys of being an artist. This watercolor uses "Fun Color".
Artist paintings by Carol May, Fun Color

sharing is the best joy of painting!

Christmas Pony an oil painting by artist Carol MayChristmas Pony

My sister and I went to a cookout at the local feed store.

The food was good, but the best thing was watching all the children running and playing.

The owner's daughter was riding her stick horse named "Bucky".

What fun!

Some lucky child will soon be getting a real equine, a "Christmas Pony".

we paint to share things we see around us

Artist paintings from ancient cultures depicted their lives and the things they saw around them.

  • This is one of the main reasons artists paint today.
  • It is natural to want to share the things around us.

We may want to paint the beauty of the spring blooming flowers.

Springtime, beautiful artist paintings by Carol MaySpringtime

Or the wonder of a stream flowing around a cottage on the hillside.

  • Whatever the reason, we paint the things we see around us.

Harvest a still life painting of grapes by Carol MayHarvest

My home state of California grows lots of grapes. Harvest time is a very important time.

The schools start after Labor Day so the children can help with the picking, loading, and preserving all of the produce.

Anhinga with Mangrove watercolor painting by Carol MayAnhinga with Mangrove

Florida was my second home for about thirty years. I really enjoyed all the bird life.

Anhingas are one of the native birds we would commonly see around the waterways and lakes.

artist paintings record history

Country Barns a beautiful oil painting by Carol MayCountry Barns

Country Barns records the architectural changes on this farm.

This barn painting was privileged to win a Best of Show.

Day's End records the days gone by when the gulf coast of Florida had many stilt houses.Day's End

Day's End records the days when the Gulf of Florida had many stilt homes.

This home is gone now after the many Florida storms.

we paint to hone our painting skills

At my new home in Florida watercolor paintings were the norm. So I started working on my watercolor skills.

watercolor Rooster by the painting artist Carol MayRooster excerpt from a larger painting

Watercolor can be painted in a realistic manner like the rooster above. Or you can let the watercolor go and do its amazing things.

It was fun letting the paint flow in the painting below.

Surf Catcher a watercolor painting of a Florida Oyster CatcherSurf Catcher

One of the best things to do in Florida is walk on the beach and watch the shore birds.

This Oyster Catcher bird is catching some surf while he is on the way for more oysters.

we may paint to .....

try new things

These Hibiscus flowers were painted with an unorthodox watercolor method.

to teach others

This tutorial is a fun how-to method of pouring watercolor paints.

best of all - we just paint for the fun of it!

Nemo's relatives are checking out each other, wondering who is that other guy?

Clown fish looking at each other amongst the coral, art by Carol MayWho's This?

  • Why do artist paint - to share their heart.
  • Beautiful paintings are a reflection of the heart of the artist.

it's a joy sharing my artist paintings with you!

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