original art paintings

my freedom series

I wanted to do some original art painting.

I love nature, so I did some nature painting in a free style, instead of painting them like a photograph.

original-art-painting Flying FreeFlying Free

I let my artistic imagination fly free. The first painting I did was Flying Free.

I was tired of trying to paint like photography.

The seagull is realistic, but the background is breaking loose into freedom.

my original art painting - freedom series began!

watercolor painting Free Purity Egret and Lilies by Carol MayFree Purity

I loved watching the beautiful egrets around our house. They grow these long beautiful feathers for the mating season.

They can flare them up at will. They walk out into the water and lily pads looking for food.

Free Purity is one such egret out among the lily pads.

Daisy Freedom art by Carol MayDaisy Freedom

I decided to do some flowers.

Daisy Freedom is letting it fly loose.

Daisies 'n' Porcelain is a more realistic painting of daisies.

Hibiscus-Freedom painting art by Carol MayHibiscus Freedom

Hibiscus are a popular flower in Florida. I did Hibiscus Freedom in warm, livable colors.

I purposely did the painting so it could be hung horizontal, vertically or even up-side-down.

A white dove flying out of the fire art by Carol MayFreedom's Fire

Then I decided to do an original art painting with some more color.

Freedom's Fire is a white dove flying free out of the fire.

painting-Bold-Freedom,-Sea-Turtle art by Carol MayBold Freedom

My husband accidentally caught a sea turtle when he was fishing. He brought him home so I could see him.

Then we went together down to the shore to turn him loose. When we got near the water his flippers started going.

As soon as we set him into the water he took off. Here he is swimming around in his Bold Freedom.

painting art by Carol May - Dolphin FreedomDolphin Freedom

Splish-splash taking a bath, a dolphin freely splashing around in the water.

Dolphin Freedom is having fun in the waves.

I painted this with the same mixed media technique I used in Fantastic Paintings.

watercolor Mother and Baby Dolphin art by Carol MayBorn Free

I had done quite a few dolphin paintings. I always did them in their natural grey color.

I decided to let it fly free and do them in fun colors of pink and purple with turquoise water.

They are happy because they are Born Free.

Freedom's Light - sailboats by artist Carol MayFreedom's Light

Sometimes a storm would come up when we were out in the boat.

We would head for the lights of home.

Freedom's Light is two sail boats heading out of the storm toward the glorious light.

Learn my how-to-technique for Fantastic Art Painting.

Freedom a horse painting by artist Carol MayFreedom

Freedom was the last painting I did in this series.

I certainly enjoyed doing this original art painting series.

I think maybe I should do another "Freedom Series". What do you think?

Do some of your own Freedom Paintings. - Enjoy!

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