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Glazing With Watercolor

Glazing with watercolor is one of the basic watercolor techniques. I show you how to glaze while I paint some luscious mangoes with watercolor, artist Carol May

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How to Watercolor

Learn how to watercolor paint with artist Carol May. Starting with the basics and then on to paint application. Follow me step by step, as I paint a Rufous Hummingbird visiting a daisy flower.

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Art Painting Supplies

The art painting supplies I use for my paintings. I use these supplies both in my own work and on my how-to painting pages.

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How to Painting - Art by Carol May

The checklist for my how to painting lessons. I share my painting techniques for both oil and watercolor paintings. Art by Carol May

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Easy Composition

Learn easy composition guidelines for composing your paintings. Know how to arrange the elements of your paintings in a pleasing and appealing manner.

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How to Start A Painting

Learn how to start a painting with the five steps I use for painting my artwork - by artist Carol May.

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Choosing Paint Colors

How I went about choosing paint colors for my watercolor and oil painting palettes. I use a transparent, warm and cool version of each of the rainbow colors.

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Using Values In Painting

Values are the backbone of successful paintings. Value is the light and darkness of the objects in your paintings.

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Art Dictionary

The art dictionary of painting terms that are commonly used by artists. What do these terms mean?

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Creating A Focal Point In Paintings

What makes a focal point in a painting? The tools the artist uses to pull the viewer into the focal areas of their paintings.

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