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Painting Art Ezine, #001 -- The Real Secret to Painting
December 14, 2021

The Real Secret to Painting: Why Do We Paint?

Welcome to the Painting Art Ezine!

Let’s talk art. Why do we paint? There are many reasons people paint. We all have our own reasons.

The Secret to Painting: We Paint to Express Ourselves

Artist paintings come from the heart of the artist.

People paint to express themselves.

We want to express what we feel. We paint what we see around us. We paint what we like or what we don’t like. If it amazes us, we want to paint it! We may paint what we dream about. Most of all we paint what we love.

Our paintings are something that are totally ours because we created them. Just like our mom or spouse is proud of the beautiful cake they baked and decorated, we can take pride in our paintings.

Our paintings are personal.

They are our way of communicating with the world. Paintings are our expression of how we think, feel and what we dream about. Paintings are individual, one of a kind. No one can make a painting like we do.

Painting Helps Us Relax and Relieve Stress

There is so much stress and anxiety in the world today.

Painting requires total concentration. Painting can be quite a challenge at times, so we have to totally concentrate on what we are doing.

Painting takes us away from the cares of the world. it can give us a relief from reality.

We get engrossed in it and enter into our own world. We enter into another dimension, the Alpha state of our brain. It is like mental therapy for us.

If we have frustrations, we can take them out on a painting.

When we are inspired by a beautiful scene on our vacation, we want to paint it.

We feel our love for our children, our pets, our favorite flowers or whatever, we express that love in a painting.

That's why we paint - to express our feelings.

Painting Is Healthy

Painting gives us a healthy way to express our emotions.

Painting may not build muscles, but it is good mental exercise. It exercises our memory and increases concentration.

Painting increases our problem solving skills. These skills are a good hedge against memory loss.

Painting can also increase hand and finger dexterity in senior citizens.

So Why Do We Paint?

I paint to share all the beautiful things around us. Painting is a challenge, relaxation and it's so much fun!

One of my favorite things to paint is Critters.

Art by Carol May - Critter Paintings

Let’s get to know each other.

I want to know how I can best help you on the website and in the future ezine articles.

Let me know your most pressing situation about painting.

What questions do you need answered? What would help you?

Contact me and let me know. I will answer the most popular questions in the future ezines.

Art by Carol May - Contact page

Many blessings to you on your Art Journey!

Next month “What Every Artist Needs to Know”

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