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Painting Art Ezine: Art by Carol May Website Name Change
December 30, 2022

- welcome to the Ezine! will have a new name in 2023.

The new name is

I have have a second website and it's getting to be a hazzle keeping up on two websites. The solution is to combine the two sites into one. will automatically redirect to

Will we still have painting art?

Yes definately, all the painting information will be just the same.

That won't change at all. Painting is a wonderful gift for all of us to enjoy.

What will be different?

We have new things to look forward to!

The combined website will include more wonderful God gifts.

Under the Kids Books tab there will be children's books that are now in the writing process.

Another big addition will be the Nature tab. It will include more gifts from God, like butterflies, hummingbirds, flowers and gardening.

These are all great God gifts.

Ezine Name

The ezine name will change to: GREAT GIFTS EZINE.

When will we receive the Ezine?

The ezine will still arrive in the middle of the month.

January issue “Selecting Watercolors." will be delivered on the 20th.

What would you like to see in 2023?

PLEASE click and FILL OUT THE FORM with your questions.

What burning questions would you like answered?

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