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Painting Art Ezine: How to Paint Good Art
August 12, 2022
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How to Paint Good Art

Beginning artists can learn how to paint good art.

Good art speaks to people. It may spark a good memory or other emotions. It draws the viewers in for a deeper look and appreciation of the painting.

What is Good Art?

• The art piece displays artist's technical skills.

• It has a pleasing composition.

• The focal point tells the viewer what the painting is about.

• The light and dark values are correctly painted.

• There is a good use of color.

How to Paint Good Art

First choose your painting media and get your materials ready.

Watercolor, acrylic and oil paints are all suitable for beginning artists.

Second choose your subject.

Why do you want to paint this subject? What drew you to the subject. What is the purpose of the painting and what do you intend to portray?

Believe it or not, how you feel about the subject will show thru in the finished painting. Decide the reason for the painting and keep it in mind while you are painting.

Third do some sketches.

Small sketches about the size of a post card just are fine. Sketch out the large shapes, choose their values and their placement. See how the shapes relate to each other and choose the focal point.

Do several sketches until you get one that looks good to you. It's easier to change things around on paper before you start painting.

Create an Inviting Composition

• Paintings need to invite the viewers into the painting.

A common way to invite the viewers into a landscape painting is to have a road, a path, a stream or river running up into the painting. Start the entrance at the bottom of the painting.

We read from left to right, so the left side is good. Don't start the path at the corner. Make it either above the left corner or a bit to the right of the corner.

Don't place any objects across the bottom of the painting, such as a fence, a rock wall or a fallen tree trunk. It will make the viewer feel uncomfortable and keep them from entering the painting.

More about good composition.

What is the Focal Point?

• The focal point is the main reason for the painting.

The focal point should be placed away from the edges of the painting.

The composition will guide the viewers to the focal point. You want people the look at the focal point and then spend time looking around the rest of the painting.

If the focal area is too close to the edge of the painting, it will draw them out of the painting. Then they will move on to other paintings.

Use a Variety of Values

• Paint light and dark values. This is the most important thing about learning how to paint good art.

Good paintings have variety in their values. Poor paintings are basically all the same boring middle values.

Paintings should generally have three values, light, dark and middle values. Make one value predominate. It should cover the largest area of the painting.

The second value would be middle sized and the third value would cover the smallest area of the painting.

Variety is the spice of life and that goes for paintings, too. Good values are how to paint good art.

More about creating values.

Choose a Good Color Scheme

A painting color scheme of three or four colors will create a harmonious painting.

Many additional color can be mixed from the three or four colors. They will all co-ordinate with harmony because they are based on the original colors.

Selecting a Color Scheme

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