where do we get ideas for painting art?

It's exciting uncovering new ideas for painting. What are some ideas for our next painting?

One of the first suggestions is to take a look around our environment. Everything around us from everyday objects to the sunset are waiting to be painted.

The colorful hues of autumn, the pristine white of winter, spring flowers and the greens of summer are all ideas waiting to be painted.

The landscape is full of ideas for painting art.Landscapes always make wonderful paintings.

how do we get ideas for painting?

When we are a member of an art association, we can draw inspiration from fellow artists. Talking with other artists and seeing their work often stimulates new painting ideas.

Visiting art galleries can give us fresh ideas for our own paintings. Everything from the old master's paintings to modern art will infuse us with new ideas.

Even photos in the historical museum may encourage us to paint some of the local history.

Study the art of the old masters. European art schools often require their students to paint the old master's paintings to learn their techniques.

Here in the United States my favorite artists are Thomas Kinkade and Albert Bierstadt. There is a wealth of information and ideas in such awesome paintings.

We get painting ideas from the old masters, Albert Bierstadt.This wonderful painting is full of inspiration.

what are good ideas for painting?

Everything in our everyday surroundings is a potential painting. The key is to open our senses to all the beauty, intricacies and wonders we see.

paint our precious memories

We can paint memories that hold a significant place in our heart. It could be a childhood toy, an unforgettable sunset, or the family home.

Painting these will not just be therapeutic, but will record them forever.

If you love traveling, share your experiences. A bustling marketplace, a serene sunrise or an architectural marvel could all could be fuel for our next art piece.

My brother designed and built a wooden sloop. He then sailed it from California down thru the Panama Canal and up to Florida. It was his labor of love and dedication.

This painting is a precious memory of him for he is now sailing in heaven.

Precious memories are inspiration for paintings.Many hours at the helm from California to Florida

paintings reveal the heart of the artist

Art is not just a reflection of what we see around us. It can represent what an artist is thinking and feeling.

We can paint our emotions, dreams and visions.

Different colors can set the tone of a painting:

  • Orange infuses energy and vibrancy.
  • Red, we know represents passion, love or anger.
  • Yellow is positive and happy like the sunshine.
  • Green denotes new life and has a calming effect in our paintings.

What are we thinking? Each stroke of the brush can narrate a story onto the canvas.

Artists can put their dreams, visions and feeling into a painting.This horse is pushing forward with "Courage".

People often make compelling artwork

Portraits offer the chance to delve deep into emotions. We can paint someone well-known to us, a family member, a neighbor or even a stranger who has caught our attention.

We may choose to paint someone from history or a popular movie actor.

Each portrait presents a unique opportunity to explore personality and character.

The precious faces of children make wonderful paintings. We can paint our babies, grand-kids or even the neighborhood children.

People are interesting subjects for paintings. art by Carol MayChildren are precious painting subjects.

what are good painting ideas

Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Look around the house for ideas waiting to be painted.

there's beauty in the simple things

Everyday household items can become the subject of still life paintings.

There's an artistic elegance waiting to be discovered in a bowl of fruit or a bunch of flowers. Household items like the coffee pot or a child's toy can be inspiring works of art.

The art studio holds ideas for our next painting. Our palette, brushes or paint tubes are fascinating subjects unique to our world as an artist.

The old recliner or even potted plants make interesting paintings.

Orchids are good subjects for still life paintings.We can paint our house plants.

animals are fascinating subjects to paint

Both domestic animals and wild animals are a rich source of inspiration for painting.

Our pets, neighborhood squirrels and birds are great subjects for the next painting. Dogs, cats, and birds can inspire different colors, styles and sentiments.

Observing and painting animals can be an exciting artistic adventure.

It may be hard to keep them still, so snap a few photos or go online for copyright free images.

Critters from a wildlife safari or the zoo will make stunning paintings. Majestic lions, graceful deer or playful monkeys can each provide captivating paintings.

The diversity of wildlife holds many painting ideas.A Northern Flicker inspired this wildlife painting.

Butterflies and birds are more ideas for painting. Who can resist the allure of colored wings flitting across yard or a robin taking care of her babies? Consider capturing the beauty of hummingbirds or the majestic birds of prey.

All the beauties and wonders of nature are screaming to be painted.

Explore different types of butterflies for your next painting.

gardens are bursting with ideas to paint

The delicate details of a flower bloom, the textured bark of a tree and the changing colors of the season provide rich stimuli for painting.

From the national parks to our gardens, capture the lush rainforest, the beauty of a delicate flower or the majesty of an ancient tree.

Plants large and small offer endless ideas for painting.

Focusing on plants, trees and flowers brings forth an array of art ideas. Plants brings a distinctive charm to our artwork.

They may be painted in detailed botanical illustrations or as an abstract blur of colors. It's all up to the preference of the artist.

Roses are America's national flower and favorite subject with many artists. Paint roses from your garden or look for orchid images to paint.

Roses inspire many wonderful paintings.Paint a rose for your sweetheart.

what are the most popular painting ideas?

Artists love painting landscapes and seascapes. Nature provides the most exquisite inspirations and it's easy to lose ourselves in its beauty.

Each landscape or seascape holds unique energy to be expressed through our art.

We can paint a nearby country scene, the grandeur of a mountain range, the serenity of a peaceful valley, the beauty of a tranquil lake or the waves on the coast.

The ocean is an exciting source of ideas for painting. Seascapes bring an extraordinary excitement to artwork. The tumbling waves, calm blue waters, seagulls soaring over sea or the glimmering sunset on water need to be painted.

Paint the ocean step by step.

The ocean is full of painting ideas.The ocean holds wonderful inspirations for painting.

what do we paint?

The only limit is our own creativity and the emotions we wish to convey through our art. Painting is a journey, an intimate journey. Let each canvas reflect you - your thoughts, dreams and passions.

Abstract art doesn't have to always make sense.

It's more about evoking emotion and stimulating the imagination. Sometimes we can cover the canvas with patterns and abstract forms and then make a painting out of it.

It was a joy doing the painting below. I splashed colors on the canvas and then pulled out a dolphin. Mixed media painting lets our imagination run free.

Abstract paintings can be lots of fun!"Dolphin Freedom" - a mixed media painting

enjoy the art of painting!

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