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How to Paint a Hummingbird

Learn how to paint a hummingbird step-by-step with watercolor with painting artist Carol May. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is the most widespread hummingbird in the United States, so let’s paint one.

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Learn Painting with painting artist Carol May

Learn painting basics with artist Carol May. The painting basics are same for oil and watercolor paintings. I minored in art in college, but my painting skills really surged forward with hands-on painting. What did I learn that helped me the most? I happily share with you.

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Fantastic Art Paintings

I did a series of fantastic art paintings. When I took them to shows people would just rave about them. "What awesome paintings." people would say and they would ask me, "How do you do it?" You can do it with this easy painting technique to create awe inspiring paintings!

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Glazing With Watercolor

What is glazing? Glazing with watercolor is a basic technique. A transparent paint layer is applied over dry paint. The viewer sees both layers and their eye visually mixes the color. Glazing produces more luminous colors than when the colors are mixed on the palette.

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New Butterfly Painting

Little Blue Butterflies painting by Carol May

There is a new butterfly painting of Little Blue Butterflies.

They are painted with oil paints on Lilac flowers.

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Art Painting Supplies for Watercolor

These are the art painting supplies I use for my watercolor paintings. I use these supplies both in my own work and on my how-to painting pages. These are the materials I have enjoyed using over the years and where to purchase them.

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How to Do Oil Painting

How to do oil painting questions; What do you need to paint with oils? How do you start painting on canvas? How do you use oil paints? How long does it take an oil painting to dry? Step-by-step demo answers these questions as I paint a brilliant Oriole on Dogwood flowers.

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Painting Watercolor Flowers with artist Carol May

Painting watercolor flowers is fun! I never tire of the beauty and suspense of the watercolors flowing and moving during the painting process. Watercolors can be controlled to a certain extent, but I enjoy letting them do their own thing to create beautiful paintings.

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Types of Butterflies

These pictures and information about butterflies will help you identify some of the types of butterflies you may see where you live. It's fun to identify the butterfly types and learn more about butterflies.

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Types of Hummingbirds in the United States

Hummingbird images, identification tips and information about 15 types of hummingbirds seen in the United States, including the Ruby-throated, Rufous hummingbird, Costa’s hummingbird, the Black-chinned Hummingbird and more.

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How to Paint With Watercolors

Learning how to paint with watercolors is lots of fun. I want to share with you a watercolor technique I thoroughly enjoy - pouring watercolors. It is unpredictable and that is what makes it fun to me. Follow me as I paint some colorful Koi and pour the background.

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My Painting Color Schemes

Artists learn how to choose painting color schemes with this tutorial by Carol May. Included are the color schemes I most often use in my paintings. One of the reasons I am an artist is because I love color. This is how I select colors for my paintings.

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