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Prophetic Art

Paintings of Christian prophetic art will touch your heart, mind, and spirit with peace and joy. The spirit of prophetic paintings will draw you closer to God.

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How to Paint a Rose

Learning how to paint a rose is fun, but it takes practice and patience. Using oil paints we will practice painting three different colored roses, step by step.

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Watercolor for Beginners

Information about watercolor for beginners. Answers to frequently asked questions about watercolor, paints, colors, what to paint on, how to use watercolor, etc.

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An oil horse painting by artist Carol MayIt took courage to do this painting because practically every other person I know is a horse owner.

I no longer have a live model to paint from, but I stepped out in faith. Lots of fun!

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Christmas Pony

An oil painting by artist Carol MayWe went to a cookout at the local feed store. The best thing was watching all the children run and play.

I had been working on this oil painting of an equine. And I thought some lucky child will soon be getting a "Christmas Pony".

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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Landscape Paintings by artist Carol May

Bring the peace and beauty of the outdoors into your home with landscape paintings of barns, swamp, seascapes, forest, prairie, mountains and more by Carol May

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Painting with a Limited Palette

Painting with a limited palette is fun and easy. It gives your art work cohesion and harmony. You only have to stock a few colors. Great for travel or plein air painting

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Learn Painting Art with Carol May

Learn painting with basic art elements. Successful paintings in oil, watercolor or acrylic all use the elements of composition, values, focal point and color.

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How to Paint a Painting

You will amaze your friends when you learn how to paint a painting! Use the basic steps of painting a picture plus, get tips on painting watercolors and oils.

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Timeless Paintings

A prophetic watercolor painting by artist Carol MayThis prophetic painting the "Rose of Sharon" is from a few years ago. But it is timeless, it still applies to today.

Look up, Jesus will be returning to the land where he shed his blood.

Have a wonderful day with your family and stay safe!

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How to Paint Ocean

Learn how to paint ocean. Understand what makes waves. Follow simple steps to create your own seascape paintings. Then you can enjoy the beach at home anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions painting artists may ask about paints, supplies, techniques and much more.

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