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Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

You want to start painting?

Start with simple, yet delightful projects that aid your progress while celebrating your creative expression.

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How to Glaze Watercolor

Glazing Watercolor

Glazing with watercolor is the key to rich, luminous watercolor paintings.

What's the difference between a glaze and a wash?

Learn how to layer transparent colors effectively with a step-by-step guide of painting some luscious mangoes.

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Flower Paintings bring beauty into our homes!

Paintings of Flowers

Flowers are one of my passions whether it's growing them or painting them.

Right now the wild Bachelor Button flowers are blooming on the roadsides.

These sprightly little flowers cried out to be painted.

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How Do We Tell a Moth from a Butterfly?

Moths vs Butterflies

Moths and butterflies are both good subjects for a painting.

Moths are related to butterflies and they look similar.

But, what's the difference between a moth and a butterfly?

There are nine differences that help identify a moth from a butterfly.

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You Can Paint Butterfly Art!

How to paint butterfly art.

Unlock your creativity and start painting butterfly art. Discover the techniques of painting realistic butterflies.

Link to 5 different pages on how to paint butterflies with tips and valuable insights.

Be inspired and start painting butterflies now with watercolor or oils.

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Learning to Paint

How to learn painting

Learning to paint is fun! Millions of people are painting and you can too!

Use these five easy things to jump start your painting journey.

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Overcoming an Artist's Block

How to overcome an artists block

How to survive an artist's block. All artists can have blocks or delays, but we get over it.

What is an art block? How do we get started painting again?

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Bird Paintings

Paintings of Birds

A captivating tribute to our feathered friends.

The amazing diversity and beauty of birds comes alive with watercolor and oil paintings of birds.

Get inspired to paint the birds you see or simply enjoy the artwork.

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Do an Easy Butterfly Painting

Easy Butterfly Painting of a Monarch Butterfly

Get creative with an easy butterfly painting tutorial.

Discover the joy of drawing and painting a vibrant Monarch Butterfly with simple watercolor techniques.

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How to Paint a Beach Scene

How to paint a beach scene.

Uncover the secrets on how to paint a beach with a comprehensive guide on creating stunning beach art.

Paint step by step from the sky to the beach foam.

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What is Fine Art?

How to overcome an artists block

Distinguish 'What is Fine Art' from arts and crafts. Unravel the distinctions, appreciate the vibrancy of each, and their roles in our world today.

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Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

Easy Paintings for Beginners

Are you looking for easy painting ideas for beginners?

Unlock simple yet delightful projects that aid your progress while celebrating your creative expression.

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Prophetic Painting of Victory

Painting of balloons Celebrating Victory.

Last year the Lord showed me a vision of a bunch of balloons rising up in the air. I painted it and wondered what it meant? He said it meant, "Celebrating Victory".

Sometimes we just need to celebrate a victory before it happens. We start celebrating and then it comes to pass. God is so good!

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Can painting daily help improve your art?

Painting daily makes better painters

You bet it will!

Painting daily will put your art into overdrive!

There is a current craze among the art community to complete a small painting every day.

Regular painting is the best way to learn how to paint! You don’t have to paint perfect. Just paint more often.

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Values are the backbone of paintings

How to paint values in our art paintings

Every artist needs to know how to use values in painting.

Color is fun, but using values, light and dark colors is what creates strong attractive paintings.

Learn the ins and outs of painting values.

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What is the Meaning of Colors?

What is the meaning of color?

Empower your paintings with the right color choices.

Learn the meaning of color, color symbolism and how color influences the viewers' emotions and perceptions.

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What is the best painting medium for aspiring artists?

What is the best painting medium?

What is the best painting medium for the artist to start with?

Compare the pros and cons of today’s popular mediums, oils, watercolor, acrylics and alkyd paints.

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Unlock Your Creativity with Ideas for Painting

Ideas for Painting

Artists draw ideas for painting from our environment, everyday objects, memories, dreams and feelings.

We get painting ideas from fellow artists, art galleries, the works of the old masters, and the beauty in ordinary things.

Artist explore various natural subjects such as the landscape, flora, fauna and seascapes for more ideas to paint.

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What is a focal point in art?

How to create a focal point in art.

A focal point attracts the attention of the viewers and draws them into our paintings.

A painting may or may not have a focal point. It may have more than one focal point.

Artists have multiple tools for creating a focal point.

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How do we paint good art?

How to paint good art

Display the heart of the artist with good art painted with “The Big Three”.

Composition attracts people, Color evokes emotions, Values create a good painting.

Use the big threes to paint good art.

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How to Paint a Butterfly with oil paint

How to paint a butterfly with oil paint.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint a butterfly? Many artists are inspired by their colors and interesting patterns.

This painting uses the basics of oil painting. You can use the same techniques for more butterfly paintings or any other subject you desire.

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How do we start a painting?

How to start a painting with 5 steps.

Learn how to start a painting with five easy steps to start any art painting.

Use these steps to start your own creations and to practice the painting tutorials

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Begin Painting with Answers

Begin Painting with answers to questions.

You want to begin painting, but you need answers to frequently asked questions.

What should we paint? Is it expensive to start painting art? What paint should we use?

What colors do we need? Do we have to draw? What materials do we need to start?

How do we start painting? How do we store our paint?

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Try a Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media painting of a butterfly

Feel the joy and freedom of painting mixed media.

Create awesome paintings with this easy painting technique. Do a textured underpainting with acrylic. Then do the watercolor painting on top of the dried acrylic.

This creates a wonderful difference from the normal watercolor painting.

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Use the Principles of Art In Your Paintings

About watercolor for beginners

Use the principles of art to create successful paintings.

Learn how artists create pleasing compositions by using the art elements according to the principles of painting art.

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Beginning Watercolor

About watercolor for beginners

Watercolor doesn't have to be scary. It's an easy medium to start painting.

Learn the 101 basics of watercolor for beginners.

Then paint a Rufous Hummingbird and flower with the step-by-step tutorial.

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Mixing colors is fun!

How to mix art paint colors

Artists use the color wheel when we are learning how to mix colors.

Use only three or four colors for a painting and then mix any additional colors. This creates color harmony.

We can mix the greens, darks and tints for our paintings. We don’t buy them.

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Creating Good a Compositon in Art

Creating good composition in art. Good compositions in art draw the viewers into our paintings. How do we paint a good composition?

When we are painting, it's important to remember the rule of center lines. We normally do not place the main subject on the center lines. Why is that?

What are good ways to create a composition in art?

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How to Make Skin Colors

Learn how to made skin color

Someone requested how to mix skin colors. It had been forty years since painting a person, but I gave it a whirl.

Skin colors can be mixed from only 3 colors.

Once we have the basics of mixing colors, we can mix the colors for any subject.

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Learning How to Paint Watercolor

Paint a watercolor hummingbird

Learn how to watercolor with confidence and knowledge. Paint a Rufous Hummingbird with a step-by-step tutorial.

Watercolor is clean easy and good for beginners.

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How to Grow Roses

All about rose care

Everything you need to know about how to care for roses, watering, fertilizing, pest control, where and the time to plant a rose, pruning roses, and rose bush types.

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Painting Watercolor Step by Step

Learn how to paint watercolor step by step. Get started painting watercolor step by step.

What materials do you need? How do you use watercolor? What are the steps and methods of painting watercolor?

Paint a colorful Koi Angelfish while you are learning how to paint watercolor. Follow the easy steps for the beginner and get started painting watercolor.

Learn more about Painting Watercolor Step-by-Step

Choose Colors for a Painting: Create beautiful, harmonious paintings


How do we choose colors for a painting? You can create beautiful, harmonious paintings. How do professionals create beautiful paintings with only 3 or 4 colors?

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Rule of Thirds: Create Captivating Compositions


Artists use the rule of thirds to create dynamic compositions. It's our shortcut for easy composition that creates balanced paintings that attract the viewers.

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Painting a Lion tutorial


A tutorial of painting a lion with oils. Follow three easy steps and create your lion painting. First underpaint the colors, then paint, last detail and finish.

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