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How to Paint a Waterfall

Learn how to paint a waterfall

Paint a waterfall in a colorful fall landscape.

You can add a lovely waterfall to any of your oil paintings with only three steps.

It’s fun and easy! Get the full instructions.

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How to Mix Colors

Learn how to mix colors for your paintings

Learn how to mix colors. Mix your colors, don’t buy them. You will save money at the paint store. Create color harmony in your paintings by mixing your colors.

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The Secret to Painting

Why do we paint, image of a pelican painter

Why do we paint?

The real secret to painting is we paint to express ourselves, what we see around us.

Painting makes us healthy, helps us relax and relieve stress.

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Get some answers before you Begin Painting

Begin painting with answers to your frequently asked questions.

You want to get started painting, but you have some questions.

Begin Painting with answers to frequently asked questions. Find the answers about selecting paints, colors, supplies, drawing, what to paint plus more questions.

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Different Types of Butterflies

Types of butterflies seen in the United States

Painting butterflies is one of my passions and so is growing flowers. The two go together beautifully.

When I lived in Florida there was such an abundance of butterflies. They like warm weather just like people.

So I started planting more flowers just for the butterflies. My favorite butterfly flower is Lantana. They come in a variety of colors. And some colors will over-winter, even in northern Florida.

Then I started learning how to identify the different types of butterflies. It's fun to learn the butterfly types, so you know what you are painting.

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Painting Daily Will Make You a Better Artist

Paint small and do daily paintings to learn how to paint.

Painting small and painting daily is a great way to learn painting.

What do you need for daily painting?

First, it helps to have a dedicated place for painting. If you can leave your supplies out, you'll be ready for the next day's painting session.

You need to have your supplies in stock, so you don't run out in the middle of a painting. Figure out what size paintings you want and keep them in stock.

Paint things you have around the house or from a file of photos. If you are lucky you can go out and paint on location.

Don't expect every painting to be perfect. The dedication of painting is what counts.

Set yourself some guidelines of when and how long you will paint. Stick to your guidelines and your painting skills will go into warp speed.

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Let's Paint Some Watercolor Daylilies

Step by step how to paint a daylily with watercolor

What better to do on the cold January winter days, paint some Daylilies.

No garden chores to do this time of the year, so I painted some "January Daylilies".

Pretty pink ones with step-by-step instructions to help you paint your own watercolor flowers.

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New Butterfly Painting!

watercolor painting of a White Peacock Butterfly on blue delphinium flowers

This butterfly flew in to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

A watercolor painting of a White Peacock Butterfly on blue Delphinium flowers.

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Prophetic Painting of Celebrating Victory

Painting of balloons

Recently the Lord showed me a vision of a bunch of balloons rising up in the air. I asked him what it meant and he said, "Celebrating Victory".

Sometimes we just need to celebrate a victory before it happens. We start celebrating and then it comes to pass.

God is so good!

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For Painters This Works Like Crazy

Learn how to create a focal point in art.

Create a focal point that attracts the viewers into your paintings.

Use the painters tools of warm and cool colors, a contrast of values, certain objects, soft and hard edges and detail.

The viewers won't be able to walk past your paintings. They will come and enjoy your artwork.

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