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Learn Painting with the artist Carol May

What will help you learn painting? Proven, concrete steps speed up your painting journey. Learn the basics of successful paintings, oil, watercolor and acrylic.

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Color Wheel - The Key to Successful Paintings

The color wheel is a great tool to boost your art skills. Use primary, secondary, tertiary, warm, cool and complimentary colors to create beautiful paintings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions painting artists may ask about paints, supplies, techniques, plus more.

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How to Oil Paint - Answers to FAQs about Oil Painting

Find the answers to common questions beginners have about how to oil paint. What do you need to oil paint? What paints should you get and what brushes? How do you use oil paints? How long do they take to dry? Plus much more ...

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New Butterfly Paintings

Butterfly Paintings by artist Carol May

There are three new butterfly paintings done with oil paints, a Monarch, a White Peacock and an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Check it out!

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Painting Daily with Carol May

Can painting daily really make you a better artist? Paint more often and don’t always strive for perfection. Artist Carol May shares how painting regularly will put your painting journey into overdrive!

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Paint a Hummingbird with Oils

How to Paint a Hummingbird with Oil Paints

Learn to confidently paint a hummingbird with oil paints.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial and paint the beautiful iridescent colors of the Broad-billed Hummingbird.

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Oil Painting Art Supplies

Oil Painting Art Supplies

Find answers to your questions about oil painting art supplies. What do you use for oil panting? What are the best oil paints? What brushes are best for oil painting? What are the basic colors for oil painting? What do you paint on? What is the advantage of alkyd paints?

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You Can Create Some Awesome Paintings.

White Peacock Butterfly painting by Carol May

Wondering how to make your paintings rock! You can create awesome paintings with this easy mixed media method.

Learning the painting secrets of Carol May

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Types of Butterflies commonly seen in the United States

Pictures and information that will help you identify some of the 30 different types of butterflies and moths commonly seen in the United States. It's fun to identify the butterfly types and learn more about this beautiful gift of God.

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Choose the colors for your new painting.

Glazing With Watercolor

Take the stress out of choosing the colors for your paintings. Master your color schemes when you know the secrets to color selection.

A color selection tutorial by the painting artist Carol May.

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Glazing with Watercolor

Glazing With Watercolor

Glazing with watercolor is where a transparent wash of color is painted over a previous dry layer of paint. The viewer sees both layers of paint and their eye visually mixes the color.

Glazing produces more luminous colors than when the colors are mixed on the palette.

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