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Landscape Paintings

Country Barns oil painting

Landscape paintings are a good place to start painting. We are all familiar with the things around us, so we do a better job of painting them because we understand them.

My mother got me started painting and we started with landscapes. Once you learn the basics of how to paint one thing, then you can apply the same painting principles to any subject.

So I started painting with landscapes, but now some of my favorite things to paint are birds, butterflies and other critters.

You can bring the peace and beauty of the outdoors into your home with landscape paintings of barns, swamp, seascapes, forest, prairie, mountains and more by Carol May

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Paint an Ocean Step-by-Step

Learn how to paint ocean step-by-step

Follow the easy steps and do your own ocean painting.
First, put a line sketch on the canvas.
Block-in the colors of the sky, water and rocks.
Then paint the shadow colors.
Paint the sunlight colors.
Detail and finish your ocean painting.

It's easy, you can do it!

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Paint a Watercolor Hummingbird

How to paint a watercolor hummingbird

Learn how to paint watercolor.

Paint a Rufous Hummingbird visiting a big yellow daisy flower.

Follow the easy steps, learn about watercolor and create your own hummingbird painting.

It's easy and fun!

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How to Mix Your Art Painting Colors

Mix the primary colors to get your painting colors

Learn how to mix the colors for your paintings.

You can mix many of your painting colors. You will save money at the paint store because you don't have to buy a whole bunch of different colors.

Create color harmony in your paintings by mixing your own colors. It's easy!

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How to Paint Roses

How to paint a rose with oil paints

Flowers are one of my passions. Either tending the flowers in the garden or learning to paint them.

There is a page on painting watercolor flowers. It covers painting an Iris, Echinacea and Oriental poppies.

A daisy painting page shows painting daisies with oil paints. This rose page is painting with oil paints.

You can paint either a red rose or a beautiful multicolored rose.

Try it, you can do it!

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Watercolor for Beginners

Get started with watercolor for beginners

The new website design will make it easier for you to use. I am revising and moving pages around. Two watercolor pages have been put together for the beginning watercolor student.

Learn what watercolor is, about watercolor paints, the surfaces you can paint watercolor on, good colors for the beginner.

Plus there is an easy 5-step tutorial that you can use to paint any watercolor paint.


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Moving forward in "Faith"

Faith an oil painting of a horse

I thought you would enjoy this painting. This horse painting is named "Faith".

It often takes faith to move forward into new things.

"Faith" found a new home with a lady in Georgia. She said Faith looked just like a horse she had raised.

What a blessing!

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An oil horse painting by artist Carol MayIt took courage to do this painting because practically every other person I know is a horse owner.

I no longer have a live model to paint from, but I stepped out in faith. Lots of fun!

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Christmas Pony

An oil painting by artist Carol MayWe went to a cookout at the local feed store. The best thing was watching all the children run and play.

I had been working on this oil painting of an equine. And I thought some lucky child will soon be getting a "Christmas Pony".

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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Painting with a Limited Palette

Painting with a limited palette is fun and easy. It gives your art work cohesion and harmony. You only have to stock a few colors. Great for travel or plein air

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Learn How to Paint

Learn how to paint with the art basics of composition, values, focal point and color. Successful oil, watercolor or acrylic paintings all use the same basics.

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How to Paint a Painting

You will amaze your friends when you learn how to paint a painting! Use the basic steps of painting a picture plus, get tips on painting watercolors and oils.

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