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Best Painting Medium

What is the best painting medium for the artist? What mediums are good for beginners while they are learning? What are the popular painting mediums for today?

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Home Art Studio

What every artist need to know: setting up our home art studio. What to include in our own private art painting space, so the creative juices are free to flow.

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How to Paint a Landscape

How to paint a landscape step by step from start to finish. Use aerial perspective, values, colors, texture and detail to oil paint an appealing mountain lake.

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Easy Composition in Art

Use good composition in art to draw in the viewers. Use the rule of center lines, the rule of thirds and other easy tips that attract viewers to our paintings.

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Painting Art Terms

Did you ever wonder what an artist was talking about? This glossary of art terms explains what todays painting artists are saying; supplies, techniques and more.

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Painting Daylilies with Watercolor

Start painting daylilies with a step-by-step watercolor tutorial by artist Carol May. Watercolor is easy to use and the perfect medium for painting pink flowers.

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Learn How to Paint

You can learn how to paint! Millions of people are painting and you can paint too! Let me share a few simple habits that will jump start your painting journey.

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How to Paint a Waterfall

Learn how to paint a waterfall

Paint a waterfall in a colorful fall landscape.

You can add a lovely waterfall to any of your oil paintings with only three steps.

It’s fun and easy! Get the full instructions.

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How to Mix Colors

Learn how to mix colors for your paintings

Learn how to mix colors. Mix your colors, don’t buy them. You will save money at the paint store. Create color harmony in your paintings by mixing your colors.

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The Secret to Painting

Why do we paint, image of a pelican painter

Why do we paint?

The real secret to painting is we paint to express ourselves, what we see around us.

Painting makes us healthy, helps us relax and relieve stress.

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