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Nature Painting of Bearded Iris

Nature Paintings by artist Carol May

One of my favorite pass-times is working in the garden, especially the flowers. I have been working on some flower paintings with oils.

Years ago I did an oil painting of three purple iris. I had two sisters at that time. Now there are only two of us. So I called this new painting "Two Sisters".

Check out the new nature painting of two purple Bearded Iris.

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Painting Daily by Carol May

Can painting daily really make you a better artist? You don’t have to paint perfect. Just paint more often. Regular painting will put your art into overdrive!

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Aquabord by Ampersand

Aquabord made by Ampersand is a great surface for creative watercolor paintings without the hassle of watercolor paper.

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Watercolor Art Supplies

What watercolor art supplies do I need? What can I paint on? What’s the best watercolor paint, paper, brushes? Can I watercolor on canvas, plus more…

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Painting Watercolor Flowers

The single most important thing about painting watercolor flowers is - watercolor is fun! How to paint watercolor Iris, Poppies and Echinacea flowers.

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Hummingbird Art

Hummingbird art, these little birds pack so much color and personality. What a joy doing hummingbird paintings of God's flying jewels.

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Oil Painting for Beginners

Step-by-step oil painting for beginners. What do you need to paint with oils? How do you use oil paints? Paint a brilliant Oriole on Dogwood flowers.

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Choose Paint Colors for each painting

How do professionals choose colors for paintings? Learn how to choose paint colors and create beautiful, harmonious paintings with only three or four colors.

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Artist Paintings by Carol May

The beauty of artist paintings come out of the heart of the artist. Artists paint for many reasons. Most of all we paint for the sheer joy of painting!

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Learn Painting with the artist Carol May

Learn painting with the basics of successful paintings. Oil, watercolor and acrylic all use the same principles of composition, values, focal points and colors.

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Color Wheel - The Artists' Best Friend

The color wheel is the artists’ best friend and favorite tool. Use primary, secondary, tertiary, warm, cool and complimentary colors for successful paintings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions painting artists may ask about paints, supplies, techniques, plus more.

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