painting Prophetic art

what are prophetic paintings?

  • Prophetic art is different from other Christian paintings.

Prophetic painting comes from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Traditional Christian paintings are derived from God's written word, the holy Bible.

The purpose of these prophetic paintings is to show God's love and glory.

prophetic painting of a white horse, Freedom

This horse painting represents the ‘Freedom’ we have when we trust fully in Christ.

Many times the Lord has allowed me to see Him on His white horse. This horse is a little sleeker than the one I have seen. His horse is more muscular like war-horses.

All of us will have our own horse when we return with the Lord one day. One time during praise and worship the Lord allowed me to see my horse by me dancing while we were worshiping.

Our war-horses gain strength from our praise and worship.

These paintings will touch your heart, your mind, and your spirit. They will produce a peace and joy that draws you closer to God.

God will give me a vision, a dream or an idea. I pray about it, and proceed as He directs me.

I want to give Him all the praise and glory that He deserves. When I paint, I do what He, the Creator shows me to do.
Praise God!

How God taught me I was a prophetic artist. It accomplishes things in the spirit realm.

prophetic art

See Yourself as God sees you, giraffe sees itself in the water reflectionSee Yourself the Way God Sees You

Sometimes all the cares, trials and tribulations of the world can make us feel dirty.

If we have sin in our life the blood washes away all of our dirt.

Look into the water of God's word and see what God says about you. The word renews our mind and the way we see ourselves.

"See Yourself the Way God Sees You" by the washing of the water of his word.

God makes all things new. We are squeaky clean and beautiful in God's eyes!

Jewels from the Lord - prophetic art prints and paintings by the artist Carol MayJewels from the Lord

Recently during a church service the Lord opened the eyes of a brother and he saw the Lord going around putting jewels into people's hands.

While I was praying I looked down and saw a jewel in my hand. Then I saw more jewels of various colors. This is a prophetic painting of what the Lord allowed me to see. That's what prophetic art is all about.

The speaker said that the jewels we received are to be given away to others. They were not actual physical jewels like the Lord sometimes gives, but they were spiritual jewels, gifts and commissioning for building the kingdom of God.

Notice the jewels are uncut and untouched by man. They are perfect "Jewels from the Lord".

Beauty and Joy butterfly painting by Carol MayBeauty and Joy

At a recent conference in my home church the Lord released JOY. I was overwhelmed with holy laughter. What a privilege and what fun! No matter what our circumstances are at the present, the Lord wants us to rest in Him so our joy will be full.

After the conference I was so full of joy from the Lord.

I had been working on a Swallowtail Butterfly painting and I was struggling with it.  I put aside the unfinished painting and did "Beauty and Joy".

Winds of Change - prophetic painting by Carol MayWinds of Change
prophetic Christian art by Carol MaySon Rise

A couple of weeks before tropical storm Faye the Lord gave me a vision of a coconut palm by the ocean, blowing in the wind.

I asked the Lord, "What is that?”  He said, "Winds of Change". I had no idea how much change was coming!

After tropical storm Faye I was praying and I saw the same coconut palm tree before a sun rising.

After the storms, God's Son, Jesus brings about a beautiful change, "Son Rise". We always have victory through Jesus Christ.

Times are a changing. - Praise God!

prophetic painting art of a vision of after the Battle of OlusteeAfter The Battle of Olustee

The Lord gave me a vision, "After the Battle of Olustee".

I saw a confederate soldier kneeling with his head bowed and his hat over his heart and his rifle lying on the ground. There was a union soldier standing back away from him with his head also bowed in prayer. I saw a cannon back across the battlefield by the pine trees.

The afternoon sun streaming through the trees and the battle had ended. It was peaceful enough for a gopher tortoise (lower right corner) to come out of his hole to look around.

I also felt the light shining on the confederate soldier was from God.

They were thanking God that the battle was over and asking His forgiveness.

This was one of the most difficult paintings I have ever done. It was partly because I don't normally do people, but mainly because of the spiritual warfare involved.

I was sharing with a Christian acquaintance of mine that I felt that this would bring healing to my city which still celebrates this battle every year.

She said, "Oh my, it is not only healing to your city, but to the entire nation. I can't say what was accomplished in the spirit, but I can say this prophetic art was definitely from God.

When my ‘Rose of Sharon’ bush was blooming I remembered a friend of mine told me that the Rose of Sharon bushes bloom in Israel up on the rocky hillsides where nothing else will grow.

I thought, Oh I want to paint that because Jesus blooms in our hard places where nothing else will help.

During the time I was working on the painting, the Lord gave me a vision of Jesus coming in the clouds. Jesus is returning to the land where He shed His blood.

Notice in the painting the blood stains on the ground. The Rose of Sharon blooms are red in the centers with white petals.

We are made white as snow when The Blood of Jesus washes away our sin.

Painting this prophetic art shows what Jesus is anxious for. We all need to keep Israel in prayer that they will be ready for His return.

ten white roses prophetically declaring Peace

I was thinking about our military men and women who are overseas.

Ten is the number of victory. White means peace.

I am wishing them "Peace" with this prophetic art.

God is the center of the universe artist Carol May painting propheticallyGod is the Center of the Universe

This prophetic art shows that all things come from God and lead us to Him. As inspired by the Holy Spirit, I used a Florida Mangrove with clouds and water to show the example of God being the center of our lives. "God is the Center of the Universe"

The texture in the foreground simulates the rough times of our lives. But God is always standing there bold and strong waiting for us to come to Him.

The clouds move down toward the mangrove. God is always reaching down to us.

We just need to reach up to Him.

God's Lighthouse prophetic oil painting by artist Carol MayGod's Lighthouse

During a one woman show the gallery owner asked me where this lighthouse was located.

I told her that God gave me the idea for it.

So I called the painting, "God's Lighthouse".

Jesus is our lighthouse in any and all situations. Through all the storms of life we can always find our security in Him.

The Anchor Holds by Carol May prophetic artistThe Anchor Holds

"The Anchor Holds" Jesus is the anchor that holds us steady thru all the weather of our lives.

Bring the beauty of Prophetic Art Prints into your home.

Sailboats heading towards Freedom’s Light

The sailboats are heading out of a storm going towards the Light. Jesus is our "Light" to freedom in all the storms and situations of our lives.

There is a strong anointing on this painting. When I was taking ‘Freedom’s Light’ to a show I stopped to show it to my neighbor. I was coming from my vehicle and I was about 20' away from her, we both felt a strong anointing of the Lord.

Praise God for His precious touch and allowing me to do some of His prophetic painting.

how god showed me I was a prophetic artist

Painting of mother and baby dolphins by Carol MayBorn Free

"Born Free" shows mother and baby dolphin enjoying the fact that they were born free. We can have that freedom when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. He sets us free!

My pastor had been telling me that I was a prophetic painter. He explained it to me and I still was not sure that I could do prophetic art, or that there was any anointing on my paintings. I didn't really understand what painting prophetic art meant.

My husband and I were doing some outdoor art festivals. At one festival there was a young girl that came by with her grandmother. She really wanted a print of the ‘Born Free’ dolphins, but grandmother did not want to get it.

About two hours later, after they had been through the entire show, they came back. The grandmother got her a small print of the dolphins.

A couple of nights later the Lord gave me a powerful dream. I saw this same young girl in the dream; she was now about 12 years old. She looked directly at me and said, “Thank you very much.”

I knew by the Spirit that because of having the dolphins with God’s anointing on the painting in her bedroom that she had accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. Praise God!

Now I knew that there were reasons why the Lord had me painting certain things. I understand now that prophetic paintings are not only pleasing to the eye, but they accomplish things in the spirit realm.

Springtime is a prophetic landscape in oils by Carol MaySpringtime

I put this painting "Springtime" on this page, not because I considered it a prophetic painting, but because it has special meaning to me.

When I was painting it, I imagined that I was painting the river of life that we all travel. The road of life that we all travel while here on earth. I thought a river was prettier to paint, than a road. And also at the same time I was thinking about the river that comes from heaven.

We live in a house by our river. I put sparkles on the water and beautiful springtime flowers by the river t0 signify new life. The river curves around through our life and if we make the right choices, we choose God. Hence the river leads to the church in the background. And far in the background are the mountains of the Lord.

I had the painting for sale at an outdoor art festival. A gentleman came by and asked me where the place was that I had put into the painting? I told him that it was not an actual place, but that I had painted it out of my head. He said, "I sure would like to be in your head."

Wow! That was the greatest compliment anyone had ever paid me for my painting.

When the man viewed the painting, he felt the peace I felt while I was painting. God's peace and love can be felt through prophetic art.

That's what prophetic painting is all about! You can do it, too!

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