Butterfly Paintings

butterflies are so awesome!

One of my great joys is doing butterfly paintings! I plant flowers especially for the butterflies and hummingbirds.

When I see these gorgeous creatures, I snap photos for reference material for more paintings.

Lots of fun - enjoy my paintings!

Buckeye painting Art by Carol MayBuckeye Butterfly

The "Buckeye Butterfly" a dark colored butterfly with its big eye-spots is a frequent visitor to many yards.

I photographed it when I saw it on my white daisy Chrysanthemums.

It made such a beautiful contrast that I wanted to do this butterfly painting.

Butterfly Paintings by carol may

Butterfly Paintings by Carol May, Monarch On DaisiesMonarch On Daisies

The Monarch Butterfly is the most well-known butterfly in the United States.

I had the privilege of seeing large numbers of the Monarchs in Mexico on their migration route.

Daisies have been my favorite flower ever since I was a child. 

It was a joy putting these two lovely things together in "Monarch On Daisies".

Large Tree Nymphs painting by Carol MayLarge Tree Nymphs

I saw these "Large Tree Nymphs" butterflies at the Butterfly Rainforest in Gainesville, Florida.

They were feeding on False Hydrangea flowers. They are from SE Asia.

I painted some of the leaves flying to mimic the flight of the butterflies.

Is is lots of fun as well as educational to go to butterfly gardens.

If you have a butterfly garden near you, I recommend a visit.

Little Blue Butterflies in oil by painting artist Carol MayLittle Blue Butterflies

We all enjoy the springtime after a long winter.

My lilacs were blooming and when I walked across the lawn I saw these lovely little Azure Blue Butterflies.

The Little Blues are only about three-quarter to one inch wide.

So I thought why not put them on some lilac flowers.

"Little Blue Butterflies"

This oil painting is on gallery-wrap canvas.

watercolor painting of a Red Admiral Butterfly by Carol MayRed Admiral Butterfly

I always keep my eyes out for butterflies. I had the privilege of seeing the "Red Admiral Butterfly" a couple of times.

Their color is stunning.

Both times I saw it on the ground among the leaves and grass.

So I painted it on some fall leaves to complement its red bands.

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly by Carol MayGiant Swallowtail

The "Giant Swallowtail Butterfly" is amazing to me not only because it is a very large butterfly, but because of the color change from the top side of its wings to the underside.

If you see the different sides of its wings at different times, it is hard to realize that it is the same butterfly. The underside is mostly pale and more yellow looking. The topside has brilliant black and yellow, very stunning.

I did this butterfly painting in watercolor with him sitting on my favorite butterfly flower, which is Lantana.

watercolor Longwing Butterfly painted by Carol MayLongwing Butterfly

A lovely painting of a Longwing Butterfly on a Butterfly Bush flower.

I saw these striking butterflies at the butterfly garden.

I have Butterfly Bushes in my flower bed and they attract a wide variety of butterflies.

I took photos while I did this painting and explained step-by-step How to Paint Watercolor.

Check it out - you can do it, too.

Black-veined-butterflies by artist Carol MayBlack-veined-butterflies

"Black-veined Butterflies" don't live in the United States. So I have never seen them in person. They live in Europe and Africa.

But when I saw some photographs of them I was enthralled. I think they are absolutely beautiful.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

There is a how-to page of painting these butterflies.

Follow me step-by-step, Painting Butterflies.

painting of a Great Southern White butterfly artist Carol MaySouthern White

I saw these lively little "Southern White Butterflies" flitting around the roadside daisies, the Spanish Nettle or sometimes called Beggar's Weed because the seeds stick to your socks.

It was on a cold January day in Florida. It surprised me to see them when it was so cold.

They were on daisies which is one of my favorite flowers.

Daisies are a favorite of butterflies, too. They provide them with plenty of food. And they have a landing pad to sit down while they eat.

painting painting-Tiger-Swallowtail-open butterfly art by Carol MayTiger Swallowtail

The "Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly" is the next best known butterfly besides the Monarch.

It lives over a large area of the United States.

I saw one early one spring on Carolina Jasmine vines in my back yard.

I just had to paint it. They are so big and so beautiful.

One day my husband and I saw a bunch of these butterflies on the Pickerel flowers beside the boat ramp.

They were "Spicebrush Swallowtail" butterflies.

This painting is done with Casein paints.

Do you see the image of another butterfly in the background?

It is a joy doing butterfly paintings.

I hope that they bring joy to your life, too.

See detail views of the Butterfly Paintings.

Photos of butterflies you may see in your yard.

Hummingbirds seen in the United States

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