Why Do We Paint? what is the secret of painting?

We all have reasons for painting, but why do we paint?

  • The real secret to painting is we paint to express ourselves. Paintings come from the heart of the artist.

We paint what we see around us. We express what we feel. If something amazes us, we want to paint it! We paint what we like or maybe it's something that bothers us. We may paint what we dream about.

Most of all we paint what we love and want to share with others. We are in complete control of our painting subjects.

Why do we paint?Why do we paint?
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paintings are personal

  • Nobody can paint like we do! Our paintings are individual, one of a kind.

Our paintings are something that are totally ours because we created them. Just like our mom is proud of the beautiful cake she baked and decorated, we can take pride in our paintings.

Painting is our opportunity to create something that didn't exist before, an entirely new thing. It's our chance to make a contribution to the world.

Paintings express what think, feel and dream about. If we can't say it with words, we can say it in a painting.

Other people probably don't see things the way we do. But we get to share ourselves with our paintings. Paintings are our way of communicating with the world. That's the joy of painting.

The famous artist Edgar Degas said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Painting Relieves Stress

  • There is so much stress and anxiety in the world today. Painting gives us a chance to get away into our own world.

When we are inspired by a beautiful scene on our vacation, we can paint it. When we feel our love for our children, our pets, our favorite flowers or whatever, we can express it with a painting. If we have frustrations, we can take them out on a painting.

Why do we paint? Painting takes us away from the stress and cares of the world. We concentrate so much on the painting that it gives us a relief from reality.

Painting requires total concentration. It can be quite a challenge at times, so we have to totally concentrate on what we are doing.

We get engrossed in it and we enter into another world. We enter into the euphoric, Alpha state of our brain. It is like mental therapy for us.

Pablo Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

That's why we paint!

Painting Is Healthy

  • Painting gives us a healthy way to express ourselves. It may not build big muscles, but it is good mental exercise.

Painting exercises our memory, increases concentration and uses our problem solving skills.

When we run into a problem we have to use our problem solving skills. That takes concentration. These mental exercises are a good hedge against memory loss.

Painting is also noted for increasing hand and finger dexterity in senior citizens.

The challenge of painting displays our courage and provides a sense of accomplishment. The American artist Georgia O'Keeffe said, "To create one's own world takes courage."

So Why Do We Paint?

Painting is a challenge, its relaxation and so much fun! It's a joy to share all the things we see around us.

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