painting daily

will launch your painting journey

Can painting daily really make you a better artist?

Painting daily will put your painting journey into overdrive!

There is a current craze among artist for daily painting. Artists are learning to paint daily and to paint often.

There are websites where you can sell your daily paintings. Or you can put them up for sale or auction on eBay.

There is a popular book "Daily Painting" by Carol Marine that explains the many perks of painting every day.

Painting Daily speeds up your learning.Daily painting speeds up your learning.

Actually this is not new. Professional artists for centuries have been painting daily. How else could they turn out so many paintings?

So I got myself the "Daily Painting" book to encourage myself to paint more often.

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think about it

How often does a baker go to work in their bakery? Does a shoemaker work in his shop only once a month? How about a photographer, do they only take photographs on vacation?

Carol Marine is very knowledgeable about painting. The book is full of all kinds of painting knowledge and tips.

I recommend "Daily Painting" to the artists who not only want to paint more often, but want to learn more about painting.

who wants to learn to paint?

We do – including myself because there is always more to learn! As long as we keep painting, we are learning.

how long does it take?

People often ask, "How long does it take to learn to paint - to become an artist?"

  • Let me ask you,

"How long does it take to learn to play the piano?"

There is no exact amount of time to learn to play a piano. It all depends on how much we practice. When someone starts playing, we don't expect them to immediately play with the symphony.

Why not? Well, we first have to learn the different notes of the scale. Our fingers need to learn to hit the correct note; we may have to learn to read music, etc., etc.

Before we can play with the symphony it takes a lot of practice - lots and lots of practice!

learning to paint is the same!

Painting takes practice, lots of practice. The hardest thing about painting is getting started. Once we get started, it seems like time just flies by because we are so engrossed in the process of painting.

  • This has been my stumbling point - getting started. I don't paint until there is a full day to paint. How often does that happen?!?  Rarely, so my painting sessions have been very intermittent. Sigh!
  • Another stumbling point - striving for perfection. I want to play a symphony with every painting, so I work on it and make it hard for myself - not good! It takes the joy out of painting.

what's the answer?

  • Paint more often. We don’t have to do a painting daily, just paint more often.
  • Don't try to be perfect. Keep your heart and mind open to learn new things. 

Everyone has a different time restraints. When our heart is set on doing something, we make time for it. Myself personally, I am going to paint smaller, more often, and for shorter periods of time.

Instead of painting for perfection, I'll call it practice. Then I don’t feel so bad if it does turn out good - it's just practice.

  • The Sunflower painting above is a 8x10" done in about an hour and half. Am I happy with it - not really. But, I relaxed and enjoyed it more. The loser feel reflects the joy of painting.
  • From time-to-time I will share some of my daily paintings on this page.

painting takes child-like faith

A child plays the scale on the piano over and over with dreams of playing in the symphony one day.

Aspiring artists do "practice paintings" over and over on their way to becoming an accomplished painter.

enjoy the journey! 

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