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what is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person or an organization I have a business relationship with.

I just want to inform you about the affiliate relationships of

art by carol may

  • The purpose of this website is to give you the opportunity to view and purchase beautiful paintings for your home.
  • Also, you find lots of free content the aspiring artist can use to build their skills and speed them on their painting journey.

everything is free to the visitor

  • I don't charge for anything you find on the website.
  • However, having a website is not free.
  • How do I cover the cost of the website?

Affiliate Relationships

You may find links to good quality products I personally use or recommend.

When you click an affiliate link on one of my web pages, a new page will open in your browser.

The page that opens will be one of my affiliate partners, Amazon, Blick Art Materials or Solo Build It, my web host company.

I do business with these companies and I trust them. They treat me good and they will give you good service, too.

  • If you purchase something from one of my affiliate partners, I receive a commission.
  • There is no additional cost to you.


It's easy for you and I both.

It helps me cover the cost of and still keep this website free for you.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you just Contact Me.

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