painting art brings beauty to our homes

Are you dreaming about painting art?

You may want to start painting, but you don't know where to start or how to do it? What are the basic techniques of painting watercolor? How do we use oil paints?

Are you looking for artwork? Art by Carol May paintings of butterflies, hummingbirds, animals and landscapes bring beauty and peace to our homes. You will find either watercolor or oil paintings.

Sea turtle watercolor painting, Art by Carol MayA sea turtle painted with an artist's interpretation.

the gift of painting?

We can all learn to paint. Painting is more of a discipline, than a gift from God. We can all create attractive paintings using the basic principles of good art.

Click down the page to see the four basics of creating good art.

Painting takes practice, just like learning to play the piano. Practice painting the tutorials. Then you can use the same methods for your own individual creations.

What are some of the popular tutorials?

experience the painting art by carol may

Artists paint what we see around us. God's gifts are everywhere. There's lots to see on the painting pages.

Click to see art for your home

Art Prints by Carol May
Art Prints

gardens are full of wonderful things to paint

The garden has beautiful flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds, lots of great things to paint.

There's something wonderful about getting our hands dirty and puttering around outside in the fresh air and sunshine. So, in addition painting art, it's my pleasure to share some gardening tips.

Painting and gardening are two of my favorite things. In college my major was horticulture with a minor in art.

Yes, we can learn the basics in school, but we learn more by doing. Life experiences have been my real teacher.

Out in the garden, my camera is always ready to capture intriguing images for a new painting.

can anyone grow a garden?

Yes of course, anyone can grow a garden!

Tiger Swallowtail ButterflyTiger Swallowtail feeding on a Butterfly Bush

Butterflies and hummingbirds are great garden gifts. We can specifically plant flowers to feed the butterflies.

The Butterfly Bushes are busy with butterflies all summer. Hummingbirds visit them, too.

What are more ways to attract hummingbirds.

A 'French Spots' Phalaenopsis orchidOrchids are a wonderful God gift.

Many of us have probably grown blooming Amaryllis or Narcissus in the house. But can we grow orchids in the house? You bet we can!

Phalaenopsis (also, called the moth orchid) are perfect plants for inside our homes. Their delightful flowers last for many months.

what are the essential basics of good art?

Awe-inspiring paintings all use the four basic PAINTING PRINCIPLES: composition, values, creating a focal point and a good use of color.

It's a joy sharing knowledge with budding artists. Forty years of experience has taught me what makes a good painting. You can learn how to paint good art.

"Country Barns" an oil landscape painting by artist Carol May"Country Barns" painting art by Carol May

how to paint good art

Country Barns (above) has been privileged to win two Best of Show awards.

It was painted with the four basics that create good art.

Values create drama in our paintings.

Color makes our paintings sing!

A focal point will draw in the viewers.

Composition rules are easy to learn!

practice painting art by carol may

The step-by-step PRACTICE PAINTING tutorials explain;

  • the materials
  • what colors to use
  • detailed painting steps from start to finish

Each step is carefully detailed, so you can practice painting. Then you can use the same steps to paint your own favorite subjects.

Learn how to paint daisies with Carol May the artistLearn how to paint daisies.

oil: How-to painting pages

Getting started with oil painting.

Waves are not hard, they are fun.

Paint a red rose or multicolored one.

Add a waterfall to your landscapes.

Painting watercolor giraffes"Mother's Love" a watercolor tutorial of painting giraffes

watercolor: The more we paint, the better we get!

It's a joy sharing my painting secrets. Glean from the step-by-step explanations and practice doing your own paintings.

Save the whites in watercolor paintings.

Paint three different flowers with watercolors.

What is glazing and how do we do it?

Steps for painting a hummingbird with watercolors.

enjoy painting art of god's wonderful gifts!

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