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do you enjoy paintings?

The joy of being a painting artist is sharing my paintings and my expertise.

Paintings showcase the world thru the artist's eyes. It is the opportunity to show the world what we see.

This website is the world thru my eyes. All the beautiful things in nature are the subjects of my paintings.

There are about a hundred paintings on this website. So sit back, relax and take time to enjoy the paintings.

do you want to paint?

Take advantage of my experience from many years of painting.

Learn the basics of painting and enjoy creating your own beautiful paintings.

nature paintings are my passion

It is a joy being a painting artist. I paint everything from the seashore to the mountains.

My favorite nature paintings are hummingbirds, flowers and butterflies.

I also enjoy painting giraffes, dolphins, koi and many other critters.


the painting artist carol may

The painting artist Carol May

I grew up living in the country. My normal pass-time was walking in the woods enjoying all the beautiful things in nature.

Art was my minor in college. I didn't paint much until my mother retired. She took up painting and got me started painting. Naturally I wanted to paint the things I saw around me.

My favorite things to paint are birds, butterflies and flowers. I enjoy them while I am gardening.

I feed the birds and plant flowers for the butterflies. Then there are more critters to photograph and paint.

Painting buildings and people is not my forte. I have done a few, but I prefer painting nature.

Beautiful Reproductions and Original Paintings are available for sale.

I also enjoy sharing my painting experience with budding artists.

create your own paintings!

Learn Painting with painting artist Carol May PAINT YOUR OWN SPRINGTIME!

you can learn painting

Learn painting basics and have the pleasure of sharing your paintings with the world!

The basics are the same for oils, watercolor and even acrylic paintings.

The lessons of composition, color, values and focal points will give you a strong foundation.

One of my joys of being a painting artist is to share my knowledge with you.

You can paint, too!


dive into the how-to paintings

Follow me step-by-step in the how-to paintings.

Each step clearly explains the what and why of the painting process.

There are no secrets, I openly share my knowledge.

We are all going through this life together. I enjoy helping others along the way.

We can all have the "Joy of Painting".


Enjoy the paintings and lessons on Art by Carol May!

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