be creative with painting art by Carol May

Welcome to the art by Carol May where striking landscapes, lively hummingbirds, butterflies, visions and dreams come to life with strokes of oil and watercolor.

The teaching tutorials here share the techniques and the joy of painting.

Original paintings and reproductions share a slice of imaginative wonder.

Sharing the joy and wonders of the world with painting Art by Carol MayA sea turtle painted with an artist's interpretation.

the art by carol may

Each brushstroke records nature's glory, quiet nuances and the wonders of this world. The beauty of art resides in sharing these with the world.

It's my pleasure to share.

You can enhance your environment with the beauty of art by Carol May.

Painting Art: Everyone can learn to paint

Experience the joy of creating your own artwork. A world of possibilities comes with each stroke of color. A blank canvas is waiting to come alive with your stories and creativity.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, this comprehensive guide provides all the essential information you need to begin your artistic adventure.

From understanding the basics and practicing the tutorials, to choosing your mediums and setting up your home studio, everything is here at your fingertips.

You can learn to paint!

Some people have a God-given talent for painting while others like Beethoven, have a musical gift. But anyone can learn to play the piano by starting with the basics and then practice.

It works the same with painting. Learn the basics of good art, practice and refine your painting skills by painting the tutorials.  

Then, use the same methods for painting your own individual artistic creations.

Fundamentals of Painting Art

Artists use the basics of art to design and paint their creations.

Forty years of experience has taught me what makes a good painting. It's a joy sharing knowledge with aspiring artists.

Country Barns (below) has been privileged to win two Best of Show awards.

I enjoyed painting these barns, art by Carol MayAward-winning "Country Barns"

What makes award-winning paintings?

Country Barns was painted with the principles of good art. Composition, values, creating a focal point and the judicious use of color created this successful painting.

Values in art

Values make impactful paintings

Artists color wheel

The color wheel is the artist's favorite tool.

Focal points in art

A focal point draws in the viewers.

Art composition

Good composition is easy to learn!

Tips on how to paint good artwork

Hands-on Painting Tutorials

Practice and hone your painting skills with the step-by-step tutorials on the menu. They explain the materials, what colors to use and detail the painting steps from start to finish.

You can paint the tutorials and then use the same steps to paint your own favorite subjects.

What's the best painting medium to begin painting?

oil painting: these pages may also be used for acrylic

The answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Painting

You can Paint a Hummingbird with oil or acrylic paint.

Painting with a Limited Palette is a good practice for mixing and using colors.


Getting started with oil painting.


Painting waves is not hard, it's fun.


Paint a red rose or a multicolored one.


Add a waterfall to your landscapes.

watercolor: The more we paint, the better we get!

It's a joy sharing my painting secrets. Glean from the step-by-step explanations and learn while you're painting.

Beginning Watercolor: Find answers about watercolor before you start painting.

Paint a pretty Angelfish with Watercolors Step by Step.

Paint some colorful Koi with the fun technique of Pouring Watercolors.

what else do we need to know about painting art?

Before you begin painting, get the answers to common questions people often ask about painting.

You may wonder: Is painting expensive? What's are the minimum supplies we need to start painting? How long does it take oil paint to dry? and much more...

We all need our own art space. What are some ideas for setting up our home studio?

What is the absolute fastest way to learn to paint?

What is glazing and scumbling? What about alla prima, frisket, the difference between a flat and bright brush? Find the language used by today's painting artists in the Glossary of Art Terms.

Unleashing Your Creativity

Artists are inspired by our environment, emotions and fellow artists. We discover potential paintings in the beauty of everyday objects, memories, dreams, landscapes and beyond.

Get more for ideas for your next painting.

Where do artists get ideas for their next painting?Landscapes always make great paintings!

my Inspirations

The beautiful flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies are my favorite painting subjects. How could we not, but paint them?

If I'm not in the studio painting, more than likely you'll find me in the garden. It's a joy planting and growing flowers to attract the butterflies and hummingbirds.

Then I can get photos for more paintings.


There 5 pages of how to paint butterfly art.


We all have reasons why we paint.

Paint with a limited palette

How about our pets? Paint your goldfish.


Paint this hummer with watercolors.

Stepping into the world of painting art is an enriching journey full of creativity, joy and endless possibilities. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination!

Immerse yourself in the joy of art by carol may!