art by carol may

do you enjoy paintings?

Bring peace and beauty into your home with Art by Carol May.

  • Enjoy watercolor and oil paintings here and in your own home.
  • Learn from my experience and create your own beautiful paintings.

why do we paint?

Paintings showcase the world thru the eyes of the artist.

It's an opportunity for the artist to show the world what they see.

This website is a showcase of the world thru my eyes.

  • Painting is such a joy!
  • It is fulfilling to be able to share my paintings.
  • And to share my experience with budding artists.

There are over a hundred paintings on this website.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the art by Carol May.

what paintings do you enjoy?

fascinating nature subjects

This Leafy Sea Dragon is just one of the many things to paint in nature.

Nature provides so many awesome subjects for painting, everything from turtles to song birds.

what about flowers?

Who doesn't love flowers?

Puttering around in the flowers garden is one of my favorite hobbies. There is all the wildlife to see and the lovely fragrances to enjoy.

do you want to paint flowers?

You can paint your own flowers!

Learn how to paint these Iris flowers, Echinacea and poppies.

maybe a giraffe?

Giraffes are easy to paint.

Paint three different giraffes, each with a different style.

enjoy hummer paintings?

Hummingbirds need flowers to survive.

This White-eared Hummingbird is visiting a Columbine flower.

See more paintings of the hummingbirds that visit the United States.

paint your own hummer

Hummingbirds are intriguing to paint.

Wouldn't you like to paint a Ruby-throated Hummer?

Learn what materials to use, what colors to use and the steps of painting a hummingbird.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are the most wide-spread hummingbird in the United States. They are found from the Rocky Mountains all the way to the east coast.

What other TYPES OF HUMMINGBIRDS are found in the United States?

enjoy the art by carol may in your home

When the paintings started running out of the spare bedroom, something had to be done!

Art by Carol May was born to share with others the joy of painting.

  • Bring the peace and beauty of nature into your home.


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how can you learn painting?

You can enjoy creating your own beautiful paintings!

Take advantage of my years of experience and learn art by Carol May.

Speed up your painting journey you LEARN THE BASICS OF PAINTING.

These principles can be used with any type of media; oils, watercolor and even acrylic paintings.

Create eye-catching paintings with what you learn about values, the focal point, composition and colors.

  • How are watercolor brushes different from oil painting brushes?
  • What is alla prima? Frisket?
  • Answer these questions and more with the art lingo from the ARTIST'S GLOSSARY.

speed up your learning!

Increase your painting skills by doing the How-to paintings.

There are no painting secrets. Glean from my step-by-step explanation of the painting process.


You know the old saying, "Practice makes perfect."

The more you paint the better you get.

more how-to paintings

We are all going through this life together. It is my joy to help others along the way.

We all can have the "Joy of Painting"

Take your time and enjoy the paintings and lessons on Art by Carol May!

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