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  • Art by Carol May is all about sharing the beauty of nature, with an artist's interpretation.

It's a pleasure sharing paintings with collectors. And to share my expertise with budding artists.

the joy of painting

The wonderful gifts of God are everywhere - trees, flowers, birds and butterflies.

Butterflies delight our senses with their beautiful colors and free lifestyle.

Bring peace and joy into your home with Art by Carol May, Originals or Prints.

Learn the building blocks of successful paintings with the Art Lessons.

Practice and create your own paintings using the How-to Tutorials.

Paintings come out of the artist's heart

Country Barns

It was a pleasure growing up in the country. Barns were a big part of the scenery.

So on a trip to Connecticut, it was fun painting barns.  "Country Barns" was privileged to win a best of show award.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the paintings

Hummingbirds and flowers, what a combo.

Who doesn't love flowers with all their beauty?

Nature provides so many awesome subjects.

Enjoy the freedom of pink and purple dolphins.

What fun painting all the wonderful Critters.

Do you have dreams or visions to paint?

enjoy the art by carol may in your own home

Paddlin' Pelican an original watercolor by Carol May

When the paintings started running out of the spare bedroom, something had to be done! Art by Carol May was born to share the joy of painting with others.

Bring the peace and beauty of nature into your home

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do you want to paint your own creations?

Harvest an original oil painting of grapes by Carol MayHarvest

You can create eye-catching paintings with the basic principles of good art.

Take advantage of my years of experience and learn what makes a good painting.

the basics of good paintings

Successful paintings contain four elements. They are easy to master and you can use them to create your own masterpieces.

Learn some art lingo in the Art Dictionary.

For example, what does it mean when an artist says alla prima, glazing or frisket?

the how-to tutorials

The tutorial explain the materials, what colors to use and the painting steps from start to finish.

  • Then you can use the same steps to paint your own favorite subjects.

Paint three different flowers; Iris, Echinacea and poppies.

Paint three different giraffes, each with a different style.

Paint a watercolor Hummer or paint a Hummingbird with Oils

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are the most wide-spread Type of Hummingbird in the United States. They are found from the Rocky Mountains all the way to the east coast.

What Types of Butterflies do you see in your yard?

speed your learning and increase your painting skills!

  • The more you paint the better your get!

It's a joy sharing my painting secrets. Glean from my step-by-step explanation of each painting.

more how-to pages

It's my pleasure to share my paintings and knowledge. We are all going through this life together.

  • We can all have the "Joy of Painting"

Take your time and enjoy the painting Art by Carol May!