critter paintings

are lots of fun to paint!

It is a special joy to do critter paintings of dolphins, koi, giraffes, sea turtles, birds and butterflies.

Sometimes I paint with oils and other times i do watercolor paintings.

An amazing critter is the Leafy Sea-dragon. They are native on the coral reef of Australia. They are a quiet animal related to the Sea Horse.

They quietly camouflage themselves in their leafy appendages and wait for small fish to come by so they can suck them up.

Do you see two leafies in this critter painting? The one on the left is camouflaging himself in the sea sponges and rocks.

“Leafy” is painted with watercolor on Claybord.

Leafy a watercolor painting of two Leafy Sea Dragons painted by Carol MayLeafy

A section of the Leafy watercolor painting by Carol MayThere are lots of little critters among the coral.

See an enlarged view of "Leafy"  - A new screen will open.
When the new screen opens, then click on areas of the painting to see extra large views.

critter paintings

Critter paintings of Koi and more done either with oils or watercolor, art by Carol MayKoi Feeding

When I grew up my parents had a tropical fish business with numerous outdoor ponds. The fish would swarm around when we fed them.

My mother had been to a Gary Jenkins painting class. She told me his idea to paint the koi in a circle.

It was a great idea because that is the way they feed. “Koi Feeding” made a colorful painting.

My husband said, "They just ate Jiminy the Cricket. And the one with the white head is the ring leader."

Koi Partners a watercolor painting by Carol MayKoi Partners

These "Koi Partners" are in a hurry to get somewhere.

They are painted with watercolors.

Flamingos Feeding, an oil painting by Carol MayFlamingos Feeding

Flamingos have a unique shaped bill made for scooping through the mud to filter out critters to eat.

This oil painting of the pink “Flamingos Feeding” was a challenge for me. I painted the upright ones just fine.

When I got to their reflections, I got all confused.

I found myself painting the reflections the same direction as the upright birds.

So I solved the problem by turning the canvas upside down and then the painting went smoothly.

Pink Flamingos Breaking Free

Flamingos run on their long legs and flap their wings to get airborne.

These are just about "Breaking Free".

This is another watercolor.

I thought you would enjoy seeing the contrast between oil and watercolor paintings.

A Bluebird Cleaning Up, art by Carol MayCleaning Up

One of God's beautiful critters are bluebirds.

We have a bluebird nest in the front yard.

We enjoy seeing them come to our back yard to use our birdbath.

I took a photo and painted the bluebird while he was “Cleaning Up”.


Sometimes I just enjoy the critters for a long time before I paint them.

That's what I did with this giraffe painting.

I love how God put spots on the giraffe to camouflage them up in the trees.

The sun and shadows in the leaves are echoed by the markings on the giraffe.

I thought about this for a long time and finally did this watercolor painting of a giraffe in the trees.

I named him "Spots".

Brown Pelican Resting watercolor painting, art by Carol MayPelican Resting

When we first moved to Florida I was amazed by all the large water birds, especially the pelicans.

Pelicans were the subject of many of my critter paintings.

Here is a "Resting Pelican" on a post in one of their typical poses.

My husband said "He" is trying to lay an egg! Ha-ha Lots of fun!

Happy Manatee watercolor painting art by Carol MayHappy Manatee

Manatees make great paintings. They are popular here in Florida.

Here is a “Happy Manatee” enjoying her baby.

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You will find a large variety of paintings to bring peace and beauty into your home.

watercolor of Seahorses by painting artist Carol MaySea Grass

While we were out snorkeling in south Florida, I was amazed to see our native seahorses in among the "Sea Grass".

They were quiet little animals just hanging on the grasses.

They lean slightly forward when they swim. They go looking for something else to hang onto again.

What a treat it was to see them.

They were a pale, light color, but I made them my artist orange to contrast with the green grasses.

Watercolor horse painting by Carol MayEasy Freedom

I did this horse painting one time for a lady that was having a hard time.

I did it with bright colors to cheer her up.

I wanted her to know that she was on her way to "Easy Freedom".

Click on an image to see the options.

Watercolor Banded Butterfly fish painting by Carol MayTwo Stripies

I call this critter painting, "Two Stripies".

Do you see the starfish in the bottom left?

I love color and I had lots of fun doing these colorful Banded Butterfly fish.

How do I choose the colors for my paintings?

What Types of Hummingbirds are seen in the United States?

Identify the Types of Butterflies in your yard.

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