critter paintings

I enjoy photographing and painting them.

I enjoy doing critter paintings of God's wonderful gifts.

My paintings include dolphins, koi, giraffes, sea turtles and other wildlife and nature paintings.

oil critter paintings

Oil painting of Koi, art by Carol MayKoi Feeding, oil painting by Carol May

When I grew up my parents had a retail/wholesale tropical fish business. We had numerous outdoor ponds.

The fish would swarm around when we fed them. Hence came the “Koi Feeding” painting.

My husband said they just ate Jimmy the Cricket, and the one with the white head is the ring leader.

Flamingos Feeding, an oil painting by Carol MayFlamingos Feeding

Another challenge was the pink flamingos. They have a unique shaped bill made for scooping through the mud to filter out critters for eating.

I painted the upright ones just fine, but then I got all confused when I was painting their reflections in the water.

So I turned the canvas upside down and painted “Flamingos Feeding”.

A Bluebird Cleaning Up, art by Carol MayCleaning Up

One of God's beautiful critters and creations are bluebirds.

We have a bluebird nest in the front yard and we enjoy seeing them come to our back yard to use our birdbath.

I took a photo and painted a bluebird “Cleaning Up”.

watercolor critter paintings

Critter paintings by Carol May, Spots the giraffeSpots

Sometimes I just enjoy them for a long time before I paint them, such as the giraffe.

I love how God put spots on the giraffe to camouflage them up in the trees. The sun and shadows in the leaves are echoed by the markings on the giraffe.

I thought about this for a long time and finally did this watercolor giraffe critter painting, "Spots".

Happy critters that were Born Free, art by Carol MayBorn Free

One of God's beautiful critters and creations is the bottle nosed dolphin.

Here mother and baby dolphin enjoying the fact that they were “Born Free”.

When we are born again we can have that freedom by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior.  He sets us free!

Sea Turtle watercolor nature painting art by Carol MayBold Freedom

One time my husband accidentally caught a sea turtle. He brought him home for me to see. We took him down to the water to let him go. 

When we got close to the water his flippers started going and I saw a tear coming out of his eye. I said, "Look he is crying."

We turned him loose and now he is now swimming around in his "Bold Freedom".

Happy Manatee watercolor painting art by Carol MayHappy Manatee

Manatees are popular here in Florida, also. They make great paintings.

Here is a “Happy Manatee” enjoying her baby.

Watercolor Banded Butterfly fish painting by Carol MayTwo Stripies

I love color and I had lots of fun doing these colorful Banded Butterfly fish.

I call it "Two Stripies". Do you see the starfish in the bottom left?

Leafy Sea Dragon are very unusual criters. Art by Carol MayLeafy

One of God’s amazing critters and creations is the leafy sea-dragon.

They are native on the coral reef of Australia. They are a quiet animal related to the Sea Horse.

They camouflage themselves in leafy appendages and wait for small fish to come by to suck them up. I painted “Leafy”.

Do you see 2 leafies in this critter painting?

watercolor of sea shells by painting artist Carol MaySea Shells

While the weather was cool outside I was dreaming of going to the beach.

And you know what we all do when we go to the beach - collect "Sea Shells" to take home for memories.

This a watercolor painting is full of lots of memories.

See close up views of my paintings and available prints.

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