flower paintings

i have enjoyed flowers all of my life.

Flower paintings are both fun and very challenging!

Oil flower paintings

Daisies ‘n’ Porcelain - Beautiful Flower Paintings by artist Carol MayDaisies ‘n’ Porcelain

Daisy flowers have been one of my favorite flowers ever since I was a child.

So naturally, I had to paint them in “Daisies ‘n’ Porcelain”.

Cardinal 'n' Dogwood oil painting by Carol MayCardinal 'n' Dogwood

I went out and painted some of the wild Dogwoods while they were blooming.

After I came home I added a male Cardinal for "Cardinal 'n' Dogwood".

White roses flowers of Peace

When I got a little older like everybody else, I learned to love roses.

Here are ten white roses signifying “Peace”.

Wren and Morning Glories by painting artist Carol MayWren and Morning Glories

I like watching the birds as much as I enjoy growing flowers.

The two together made a "Wren and Morning Glories" painting.

Scrub Jay on Tulip Magnolia by painting artist Carol MayScrub Jay on Tulip Magnolia

I went out and sat down on the edge of the front porch when the Tulip Magnolia was blooming and painted it. Some people call them Japanese Magnolia.

Later I came in the house and added the Scrub Jay for the "Scrub Jay on Tulip Magnolia".

What a lovely compliment they are to each other.

watercolor flower paintings

Azaleas watercolor art by Carol MayAzaleas

I always look forward to springtime with all the flowers blooming.

We have an azalea plant in front of our house that blooms every spring with white and pink flowers on the same plant.

So here it is recorded forever in “Azaleas”.

Watercolor of flowers Hibiscus Freedom by Carol MayHibiscus Freedom

I sometimes paint with oils and at other times I do flowers with watercolors.

Here is a watercolor painting from my freedom series. "Hibiscus Freedom".

Go Here for more of my floral paintings.

Then click on individual paintings for an enlarged view.

Doritenopsis orchid painting by Carol MayDoritenopsis

You know I had to do some more orchids in my paintings. "Doritenopsis" is a cross of a Phalenopsis with a Doritis which gives the flowers brilliant colors.

They are grown the same way as Phalenopsis orchids.

White Flight of Phalaenopsis orchid flowers by artist Carol MayWhite Flight

Then when I started teaching horticulture I found orchids in the class greenhouses. I quickly became infected with the orchid bug. They are so beautiful.

Orchids are found in every country of the world. Some of them like the phalaenopsis have flowers that last for months.When the wild phalaenopsis orchid was first found in the jungles, they were seen at a distance and the explorers thought that they were a group of white moths flying.

Here are some phals in “White Flight”.

A butterfly checking out a Magnolia flower by Carol MayPretties

The southern magnolia tree has large flowers compared to many other flowers. I think they are beautiful with their pristine beauty. And they have a wonderful lemony fragrance.

Here is one with a butterfly checking it out in “Pretties”.

Why don’t you try some of your own flower paintings. It is challenging and rewarding.

Then the flowers will last forever.

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