beautiful nature paintings

i love painting god's creations

My nature paintings are of landscapes, seascapes, birds, butterflies, flowers, and other beautiful critters.

oil nature paintings

Nature-painting-Gods-Lighthouse Art by Carol MayGod's Lighthouse

At a one woman show, the gallery owner asked me where is this lighthouse? I told her God gave me the idea, so I called the painting, "God's Lighthouse".

Jesus is our lighthouse in any and all situations. We can always find our security in Him.

Oil seascape - Art by Carol MaySurf Runners

I love the ocean and the mountains. I can't help but to do some painting.

Can't you hear the surf crashing as the Sandpipers are running to beat the waves. "Surf Runners"

I don't normally do buildings or people, but here are a couple of buildings. The Country Barns painting won me a best of show award!

Country Barns by artist Carol MayCountry Barns

I did “Country Barns” on a trip to New England. It was the first time I had seen the New England fall colors.

I was especially intrigued by the shadows and sunlight on the front barn. The barns are different styles as happens when they are built years apart.

My art work may be seen close up and in detail on Fine Art America.

painting by Carol May Cedar-Key-CanalCedar Key Canal

These stilt houses are on a "Cedar Key Canal". In the coastal areas of Florida it is common to see stilt houses. They give protection from the storms.

We lived in a stilt house at one time and docked our boat under the house. Lots of fun!

Scrub Jay on Tulip Magnolia oil painting by Carol MayScrub Jay On A Tulip Magnolia

I went out and sat down on the edge of the front porch when the Tulip Magnolia was blooming and painted it. Some people call them Japanese Magnolia.

Later I came in the house and added the Scrub Jay for the "Scrub Jay on Tulip Magnolia".

What a lovely compliment they are to each other.

nature paintings in watercolors

Watercolor bird painting by artist Carol MayNorthern Flicker

We were living in a home with a tin roof. And we started getting a "Northern Flicker" that came by every morning at the same time and would beat on our tin roof.

He was staking out his territory. We started calling him our alarm clock!

flamingo painting-Breaking Free art by Carol MayBreaking Free

Flamingos are synonymous with Florida even though they are not native there. They occasionally blow over from Africa in a storm.

They run to get going and then take off flying. Here are some "Breaking Free" to take off flying.

Surf Catcher painting of an Oyster Catcher by artist Carol MaySurf Catcher

Here is an Oyster Catcher in the crashing surf looking for something to eat. I called him a "Surf Catcher".

I had fun doing the surf splashing.

Baby hummingbirds in the nest-Tiny Treasures artist Carol MayTiny Treasures

"Tiny Treasures" shows a couple of precious baby hummingbirds in their nest.

Hummingbird nests are usually less than two inches in diameter. They put soft materials inside of the nest and often camouflage the outside of the nest with pieces of bark, moss or as shown in this painting pieces of lichens.

The foreground leaves give the idea of how small the baby birds and their nests actually are.

This truly is Art by Carol May because I have never seen a hummer nest in real life.

Paddlin' Pelican watercolor by Carol MayPaddlin' Pelican

Pelicans are amazing birds. We felt one when we accidentally caught him while fishing.

They look large, but they don't weigh very much.

We let him go and I did this original nature painting of a "Paddlin' Pelican".

Magnolia flowers oil painting by Carol MayBloomin' Basket

Magnolias are THE flower of the South.

I called this original artists painting "Bloomin' Basket"

Leafy Sea Dragon With Purple Tangs artist Carol MayLeafy Sea Dragon With Purple Tangs
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 I had fun doing this "Leafy Sea Dragon With Purple Tangs".

Sea Dragons live off the coast of Australia. They come in different colors. I did this one yellow as a complimentary color to the Purple Tangs.

It's lots of fun doing nature paintings.

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